Did you know that October is Fire Safety Month? This means that members of the Schenectady Fire Department and volunteers from The American Red Cross will be out in our communities working toward a safer population.

This Saturday, October 21st between 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., members of the Red Cross and Schenectady firefighters will go door to door, ensuring the proper smoke alarm installation in homes throughout the Mont Pleasant community.

If you have any questions or would like to meet with members of The Red Cross, other volunteers and firefighters you can stop by Fire One at 360 Veeder Avenue to learn more about the program and how smoke alarms work.

These efforts are due, in part, to the Eastern New York Preparedness Team, an organization of the American Red Cross, offering a variety of programs to help adults and children better prepare for emergencies.

The American Red Cross is homebase to a number of supportive programs such as The Pillowcase Project, Prepare with Pedro, and Citizens Preparedness Corps training. These programs provide families and individuals with age specific fun and educational ways to teach children and their families about safety skills, local hazards and basic coping skills.

Here at home in Schenectady, members of the American Red Cross and Schenectady Firefighters aim to express the importance of the proper knowledge of the quantity of smoke detectors required in one’s home.


Within the recent year, the American Red Cross and its chapters have visited over 1,227 homes and installed approximately 880 free smoke alarms in homes across the region. Not to mention, providing relief to over 1,440 families of which have been affected by fire, floods, and other emergencies.

The American Red Cross recognizes “the support and generosity of its donors and volunteers,” collectively making these essential programs possible.

According to Schenectady Fire Chief, Don Mareno, “When we looked at the data regarding fires in the community we noticed that Mont Pleasant has been amongst the most affected. More than any other community in the city and that is why we chose Mont Pleasant for this particular sound the alarm program.”

Fire Chief Don Mareno and Deputy Chief David Massaro, both fire officials of the Schenectady County Fire Department encourage members of the community to reach out to them with questions, comments, and concerns.

To schedule your FREE smoke alarm installation, email preparedness.eny@redcross.org. Or call the Eastern New York Emergency Preparedness at (518) 694-5121.