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An Environmental Education Center planned to be a highlight for the Upper Union

On Oct. 24, The Upper Union Neighborhood Association held their monthly meeting at the Eastern Parkway United Methodist Church, 943 Palmer Ave.  The N.A. talked business with Ray Gillen of Metroplex about all things Upper Union and Eastern Parkway from

Upper Union Neighborhood Association looking for volunteers this Halloween season!

All across this Electric City, children are picking out costumes, dreaming of delicious treats, and imagining the crisp, autumn air and spooky scenarios they will encounter this Halloween season.  In the Upper Union neighborhood, neighborhood association leaders are preparing a

Upper Union Street neighborhood association president weighs in on business developments

In the neighborhood of Upper Union Street, there have been some concerns on the quality and safety of the neighborhood since the opening of Upstate Canna Co. opened up on April 1 of this year.  In an interview with Andrew

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