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Inspired Living with Kristen Hislop

Summer heat, now what to eat?

When you think of summer, often ice cream, freeze pops, and other cold treats come to mind. I think of summer as a great time to get your nutrition plan on track. Summer heat often brings with it a craving

Hot Nights in the City

    While we have a bit of a cool respite from the scorching days in July we will likely see some hazy, hot and humid forecasts in August. As temperatures soar and humidity levels rise, finding solace in a

Walk Before You Run by Community Contributor Kristen Hislop

When I am out recruiting for area run events the first words I often hear are “I can’t run”. Can’t is not a word in my vocabulary and I’d like to see more people ditch it. What if you tried?

The Vital Importance of Hydration in the Summer: Staying Cool and Healthy

By Community Contributor, Kristen Hislop Welcome to Inspired Living! My hope is that you use this column to live your best life. I’ll cover topics around health, fitness, nutrition, athletics, and mental well being. This won’t be one sided, I’ll

Your Schenectady Welcomes Kristen Hislop to our Contributor Network

This month Your Schenectady is proud to begin a new weekly column called Inspired Living by Capital Region notable, Kristen Hislop.   Kristen is known to many throughout the Capital District as the face of the Freihofer’s Run for Women and

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