From the space age to the future, miSci’s three new exhibits, “Ground to Gourmet: Tracing the Origins of the Food We Love,” “A Taste of Science” and “Space to Spoon,”  will take visitors on a tour of food and food technology through artificial intelligence, starting Saturday, September 30 with weekend hours from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Ground to Gourmet: Tracing the Origins of the Foods We Love 

This interactive exhibit blends history, science and art while exploring the culinary depths of New York State. Ground to Gourmet is produced by collaboration between miSci and Schenectady County Historical Society as well as incorporating cultural content from the Iroquois Museum in Howes Cave. 

By using artificial intelligence, the exhibit will take visitors on a journey through the origins of food history, past and present. Ground to Gourmet’s artificial intelligence is a strategic partnership with an Albany, NY based AI company called Nowigence, the creators of The partnership empowers museum guests to explore centuries of knowledge stored within historical documents and manuscripts, while offering an opportunity to interact and ask any questions to vast historical records, enrich learning experiences into the science and development of foods.

Shaker seed box
Gift of Sister Jennie Wells, miSci 37.29
Late 19th century

“We are thrilled to partner with miSci in this exciting endeavor”, said Anoop Bhatia, CEO of Nowigence in a release. “ opens a novel way for young minds to learn new subjects overcoming the challenges of stress and fatigue associated with fresh learnings. Healthy eating and a relaxed inquisitive mind building in depth knowledge daily, unlocks a life of joy and success.”  

A Taste of Science

Made by the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, this exhibit highlights the role science plays in delaying food decay and keeping food safe to consume. In this interactive display, visitors can explore a giant pantry, learn different preservation techniques and learn how to make your food last longer. 

Space to Spoon

Also made by the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, this exhibit showcases how technology developed for space exploration helps feed people here on Earth. With interactive activities and visual delights, guests can learn about satellites and farming.