The Fall school year is in full swing. And miSci is very pleased to welcome back school children, their teachers, and chaperones for truly experiential learning opportunities where there is no wrong answer, only exploration and discovery. There is something for everyone at miSci, because “science is not just for kids!”

If that were the case, society would still be in the Dark Ages!

We are excited to welcome back the Little Edisons, a Pre-K program especially designed for “littles” to get excited about being in a learning environment.  Research has shown that getting very young children involved in drawing, painting, mixing, pouring, building, gluing all while making messes is the key to igniting a love of learning. At miSci, that is our mission, to get children excited about all the things there is to learn in the world.

miSci is proud to welcome Eva Evans as our Little Edisons lead teacher. Eva is credentialed in PreK learning and enjoys spending time with little people; she loves it when she sees that look of wonder on their faces at that moment of discovery.  

We hope to see you all your youngsters in our Little Edison’s program, or just to visit! Science is not just for kids!