The museum of innovation and Science (miSci) earned the Certified Autism Center designation granted by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES). 

IBCCES has been the leading authority in cognitive disorder training and certification for professionals worldwide for over 20 years. Its programs and training are developed in collaboration with autistic individuals and experts. 

The designation recognizes organizations that have committed to providing an accessible space and services to autistic and sensory sensitive individuals.

MiSci staff members received training on how to effectively communicate and accommodate the needs of autistic and sensory sensitive guests to provide an elevated experience for them and their families.  

 “On behalf of miSci, we are very proud to have this certification,” shared Gina Gould, Ph.D., president and CEO of miSci, in a release. “With a much better understanding of uniquely abled people, we can now provide programming that will help our young guests feel not only comfortable in miSci’s spaces, but we also hope they will thrive and aspire to be whatever they want to be when they grow up.” 

As part of the designation, the museum received an on-site assessment by IBCCES to provide recommendations and sensory guides to help enhance the guest experience. These sensory guides, recommendations, and staff training will better equip miSci with the necessary resources to meet the needs of all guests; families with autistic and sensory sensitive children often find it challenging to identify spaces and attractions where their children feel safe, welcomed, and understood. 

 “MiSci’s dedication to inclusivity and accessibility is truly commendable. By receiving autism certification from IBCCES, they have demonstrated their commitment to creating an environment where individuals of all abilities can learn, explore, and thrive,” said Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara, Chair of the New York State Assembly Sub-Committee on Autism Spectrum Disorders and father of an autistic son, in a release. “This initiative not only showcases their understanding of the diverse needs of our community but also sets a shining example for other institutions. Together, we can foster a world where every individual, regardless of their differences, can fully participate and contribute.”

As part of their accessibility initiative, miSci will also offer monthly events geared towards sensory sensitive guests and their families. Transforming itself into a sensory-friendly environment, the museum will provide patrons the opportunity to explore the exhibits and offerings in an environment that is safe and comfortable. 

More information about the upcoming events, including program dates and times will be available on the miSci website at Additional supports are available for guests who need them, including social stories for use in advance of their visit, ear plugs for noise reduction, and a dedicated quiet space.