By Marlene McTigue

Welcome back to Your Schenectady Stories! 

In episode two of our podcast: “Nourishing Hope- Working Toward Food Justice in the Electric City”- we introduce you to three community members who are working every day to combat hunger in Schenectady…

These three compassionate community leaders have taken up the call to combat hunger by becoming members of the newly formed Schenectady County Food Council’s steering committee. 

Rebekkah Henriksen (l), and Adine Viscusi (r)

The Food Council, which unites local organizations, including the Electric City Food Co-Op, the Schenectady Community Ministries (SiCM) and Food Pantries for the Capital District, will provide recommendations to policymakers on how to eliminate food insecurity in the region.

In this month’s episode, you’ll hear from Adine, Rebekkah, and Kristi about how and why the food council was formed and  the important work being done here in Schenectady to alleviate hunger on many fronts.

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