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Empowering Schenectady: The Expansion of the Downtown Ambassador Program

It is with immense joy and a deep sense of accomplishment that I  share a pivotal moment in the journey of our beloved city. In this year’s state budget, I am delighted to announce that I successfully secured $75,000 in

Celebrating Schenectady’s Small Business Community: A Historic Inaugural Awards Day

This week, I had the privilege to attend and participate in the inaugural Small Business Awards Day program at Proctors Theatre in the heart of our beloved City of Schenectady. It was a significant milestone as we came together to

Exhilarating Expedition: Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara Chronicles an Unforgettable Journey Through Guyana and a Heartfelt Connection with Schenectady’s Dynamic Guyanese Community

Embark on an extraordinary journey as I share the details of a once-in-a-lifetime odyssey that not only deepened my understanding as a state representative but also etched everlasting memories in my heart. Accompanied by a vibrant Schenectady delegation, including esteemed

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